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Scenic China(9N / 10D)


Day 1: Arrival Beijing
Day 2: Beijing
Day 3: Beijing
Day 4: Beijing
Day 5: Xi'an
Day 6: Xi'an
Day 7: Guilin
Day 8: Guilin
Day 9: Shanghai
Day 10: Departure Shanghai

Scenic China(9N / 10D)

Day 1: Arrive Beijing

On arrival, you will be met and transferred to hotel by the local guide. After a good rest in a comfortable hotel, you will take dinner at Indian Restaurant.Overnight at the hotel.

Day 2: Beijing

Depart from hotel in the morning to visit the biggest public square in the world,Tiananmen Square conquers you with its grandeur at the first sight. Then you are leaded to Forbidden City. It is the imperial palace for 24 emperors during Ming and Qing Dynasties and the biggest ancient architecture complex in the world. You walk in the museum to see with your eyes, to touch with your hands and fell with your hearts. In the afternoon, you continue your trip to Temple of Heaven. Which stands the color of sky. You feel the perfect harmony between the architecture and nature and a circle and peace spirit of Chinese people.You even could imagine the vivid pictures of a great sacrifice to the Heaven for good harvest through the description of local guide. Dinner at Indian restaurant. Over night at hotel.

Day 3: Beijing

In the morning drive 75km to visit the Great Wall (Badaling Section) which is the symbol of China and the wisdom of Chinese people. It is very unbelievable that Chinese succeeded in building such a great architecture with simple tools in ancient time. Then visit Ming Tombs (Changling Tomb), consisting of 13 tombs of the emperors of the Ming Dynasty after the capital was moved from Nanjing to Beijing. This is unique as it is the only huge palace made of camphor wood.Dinner at Indian Restaurant .Overnight at the hotel.

Day 4: Beijing

In the morning, take a half-day Hutong Tour by rickshaw to visit the ancient lanes and alleyways of Beijing. the half-day Hutong Tour reflects the lives of ordinary Chinese and the history of Beijing as a whole. You have dreamed of visiting Beijing's lanes and experiencing life, history and culture first-hand in this city for a long time. The Hutong Tour makes it come true. Afternoon be transferred to the airport for the flight to Xi'an ,on arrival Xian , check in hotel . Dinner at Indian restaurant .

Day 5: Xi'an

Breakfast at the hotel. This Morning depart for a Full day tour with a visit to the China's Richest historic area, which is recognized by the UNESCO as the eighth wonder of the world, amazing Museum of the Terra Cotta Warriors which is very famous for the great underground army of the First Emperor of China, buried together with him 2200 years ago and discovered only in 1974. It is the most significant archaeological excavations of the 20th century. Dinner at Indian Restaurant.Overnight at the hotel.

Day 6: Xi'an

Morning you will visit the City Walls , It is the most complete city wall that has survived in China as well as one of the largest ancient military defensive systems in the world. Bid Wild Goose Pagoda a well-preserved ancient Building and a holy place for Buddhists. Afternoon take flight to Guilin . Dinner at Chinese restaurant.

Day 7: Guilin

Depart from your hotel in the morning and be transferred to Zhujiang Pier for your LiRiver Cruise today. The landscape from Guilin to Yangshuo is the masterpiece of nature. The crystal water, picturesque mountains, peaceful farm field,hard-working fishermen and wondering water buffalos compose a poem of Guilin scenery and life. Under the blue sky, your river boat is floating on the river,making you in an unreal dream. After you disembark the Western-influenced townYangshuo ,you can roam at the West Street , it earns its name since almost every one in West Street can speak fluent English and every restaurant or bar offers menus in several languages. You feel no boarder and distance here andfall in love with the town at the first sight. Moreover, it is flanked by small shops and vendor stands selling different kinds of souvenirs, which are the best gifts for your friends and relatives. Return to Guilin in the late afternoon. Banquet of Rice Noodle for dinner. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 8: Guilin

Breakfast at the hotel. Half day visit of Elephant Trunk Hill . It is a huge rock formation of an elephant by the confluence of the Yang and Li rivers, which looks as if its trunk, dipping into the water. The next wonder to visit is ReedFlute Cave, is named after a certain kind of reed grown near the carve gate,which is used for making a flute instrument. The natural beauty of a large amount of stalactites and stalagmites, with their endless variety of remarkable scenes in the cave could undoubtedly evoke breathless admiration from you.Thus, the cave is highly praised as the Huge Art Palace of the Nature. Thentake afternoon flight to Shanghai, check in hotel on arrival, dinner at Indian restaurant.

Day 9: Shanghai

Today you'll find a Buddhism shrine - Jade Buddha Temple, located in a crowd of Shanghai City. It is named for its two bejeweled white jade Buddha. Carved froma whole piece of white jade, the sitting jade Buddha statue is translucent with solemn expression, displaying the excellent skill and extraordinary art of Chinese people. Yuyuan Garden has many scenic courtyards decorated with baroque rockery, pools, and flora that are all connected by corridors and passageways.the shopping trip will begin in Nanjing Road which is starts at the Bund and runs westward, with People's Square in the middle. Renowned for its bustling and modernization, Nanjing Road earns its reputation as the 'First Commercial Road in China', which is the good shopping heaven for your trip as the same asthe Fifth Avenue in New York and Avenue des Champs-Elyses in Paris. Some of the traditional food and handicrafts of Shanghai can be found here. Then we come to the Bund, The renowned waterfront district is the city's most famous landmark. The word BUND is of Anglo-India origin meaning embankment on the waterfront. It is also the popular site to enjoy the night view of the city.Standing at Pudong New Area at the east side of Huangpu River, Oriental TVTower was completed on October 1, 1994. The tower has a height of 468 meters.With multi-functions of sightseeing, catering, shopping, amusement and accommodations, this tower has become the symbol of the city and a popular tourist attraction in Shanghai.

Day 10: Departure Shanghai

Breakfast at the hotel. Get transferred to the airport for Departure.

Scenic China(9N / 10D)



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